You are drowning in the responsibilities, the big emotions (theirs and yours), and the impossible decisions.

You've heard the advice for momlife, "you just have to find your village," as if it's that easy. You don't have that village, and don't even know how to begin to find one.

You can't just quit, but you also don't know how to keep going...

...all this and trying to hold on to who you are (besides being a mom) can feel like too much.

You're definitely not alone in feeling this way.

Overall I feel more hope and kindness toward myself. I'm learning to self-care.

- Stay-at-Home Mom

I realized I am not alone in feeling I’m not good enough as a person and especially as a Mom. I see and feel the need for balance in my life. I now see how this is possible.

- Busy Working Mom

Hearing from other moms and finding similarities in our experiences has helped me to build my self-compassion. Opportunities to share and reflect are very helpful to solidify what I am learning and hold onto the revelations.

- Stay-at-Home Mom

We believe that every mom deserves to feel more joy and less stress, and to truly enjoy the precious moments of motherhood. 

Our support is designed to help you let go of others' opinions and societal expectations of moms to embrace your own unique parenting style. We want to help you feel more connected to your children, creating deeper bonds and cherished memories. Balancing the responsibilities of parenthood can be challenging, but with our support, you'll feel more balanced and confident in your role. 

With the support of The Village, you'll be able to feel like yourself again, rediscover your passions, and find time for self-care. We're here to help you have more fun, relax, and truly enjoy the incredible journey of being a mom. 

Let's make motherhood an even more rewarding experience together!

The Village will help you find more joy and feel more like yourself.

"My patience with my kids has improved!" 

- Working mom of 3

"It's really a joy to be part of this group and this is a safe space and we have created our own little family here. We do feel like we can share, things that we might share with anyone else." 

- Busy Working Mom

"My response was yes, and I immediately thought, I’m not perfect, but I’m good enough. There is room for improvement. But I’m good enough. I don’t think I would have thought that at the beginning of our time together. In fact I think I remember you asking this before, and me thinking that I wasn’t good enough. And so that’s something. That’s definitely something to have a change in mindset about that. I’m not perfect, but I’m just fine. Its all helping me change my mindset about things. I’m trying to navigate being 41 and being a mother. I am doing just fine."

-Teresa, Full-time Working Mom

The Village is a virtual space where moms can come together, connect, and find the support you(we) need.

What's inside The Village?

Get ready to unlock a world of support, laughter, and growth.

Find Your Tribe - Multiple "Momlife Check-Ins" (Support Groups) Each Week

Expert Guidance Tailored to Your Needs - Connect with Momlife Supporters with Expertise in Your Struggle

Never Feel Alone - Support at Your Fingertips! 24/7 Virtual Community Support

Learn and Grow - Multiple Monthly Virtual Events

You are ready for less stress, more joy, and to feel more like yourself again. 

But getting the support you need has been complicated, expensive, and ineffective.

...but it doesn't have to be that way, let The Village lift you up!

It's time you have access to:

  • a supportive community of moms and experts
  • opportunities to share about your challenges and wins
  • a safe place to bring your overwhelm and frustration...

and the support needs to be simple and easily accessible even when you have a mountain of laundry to fold or are sitting on the sidelines of a soccer game.

Are you ready for a Village?

In The Village You'll Get:

✔️ Multiple virtual support groups each week

✔️ 24/7 virtual community

✔️ Access to experts in the areas your are struggling

✔️ Multiple monthly virtual events

✔️ The private podcast for Village members

✔️ Access through an app (so you don't have to deal with social media)

This investment in yourself is:




The Village is a virtual support community (off of popular social media platforms) helping loving and struggling moms feel less stress, more joy, and more like themselves. The Village offers moms the opportunity to connect with other moms and experts, join live support groups, and attend trainings, workshops, and events. This support is made simple and accessible so moms can access it whenever they need it and wherever they are. There are no requirements for the age of the children you have. Do you have a question that is not answered in this FAQ? Reach out! Email me at HELLO@MAMASIMPATICO.COM and I'll get back to you!

Inside The Village, you'll be able to find support for a wide variety of individual struggles. You'll also be able to request new trainings and support for specific areas of need through regular surveys. Some examples of challenges you can find support with are: navigating your child's big emotions and behaviors, managing stress, working through relationship difficulties, parenting children with special needs, developing positive coping tools, working with anger and guilt, physical health and body image, and so many more.

The Village is dedicated to supporting every struggling mom. Partial scholarships are available for The Village for moms in financial need.

The Village is designed around key components of happiness. Research suggests that we are happiest when we have a strong social support network, we feel capable to handle the stressors in our lives, and we regularly experience positive emotions. The Village IS a supportive community and will help you learn strategies to help you strengthen your connections in real life as well. Sharing about your struggles within community is a healthy way to cope with challenges and build up resiliency, and The Village is here for you in that way as well. Plus, you'll have access to experts and trainings to help you grow any skills you might want to help you navigate tricky momlife situations. And through your participation in The Village, you'll feel more connected, understood, hopeful, and we even have some fun too so you'll be experiencing more positive emotions throughout your days.

You can cancel your membership any time without penalty. Monthly memberships cannot be refunded. Annual memberships can be refunded within 30 days of initial purchase.

The Village guides are coaches, mentors, trained therapists, and certified experts. Though a licensed therapist may lead a support group or be able to connect through the feed, mental health therapy is not offered through The Village. Many guides will host groups and programs should you care to join them to find further value in their area of expertise.

Are you ready to feel supported, understood, and more connected in your momlife journey?